Prime Signs CFX- Decorative & Solar protective Window Films

Glass is often taken for granted. It surrounds us at work and at home with many different forms and functions. Yet it can pose many problems.

Prime Signs CFX specialises in fitting high quality glass coatings, glass manifestation, vinyl graphics, and vinyl signs.

Prime Signs CFX has unrivalled expertise and a reputation for superior service, support and product offering.

Why Install PS CFX Glass coatings ?

  • Ordinary window glass cannot satisfy all the demands we place on it in terms of safety and security, privacy, comfort, and visual appearance.
  • Winter heat loss through glass is an expensive waste of energy, just as summer solar heat and glare through glass cause irritation and inefficiency and also increased air conditioning costs.
  • Sunshine through ordinary glass causes UV fading of colour pigments in everything from shop displays and furniture to works of art.
  • Windows allow unwanted intrusion of privacy.
  • Glass is often the weak point attacked by vandals or burglars, or just damaged by storms.

Safety & Security

Glass is often the weak point of a building, whether attack is from vandals, burglars, terrorists, or just storms. Glass can sometimes turn an everyday accident into a disaster, for example a child playing and falling near a glass door, a shopper slipping on water near a plate glass window.

PS CFX range of safety and security window films are designed and tested to Australian standards to provide a durable long lasting product in a testing climate.

Solar Control

Solar heat and glare make life uncomfortable in the office, home or on the workshop floor. Solar energy enters the buildings through ordinary glass windows as radiated heat, light and glare.

Prime Signs CFX window films reject a high percentage of solar heat and glare whilst allowing light to pass through, making the installation of solar control films to existing glazing a highly cost efficient way to control temperatures and glare.

The effectiveness and productivity of staff can be greatly affected when subjected to high temperature and glare. Heat fatigue, eye-strain, headaches and migraine are all symptoms of inadequate solar control and lead to decreased performance. The installation of solar control film can help to reduce this dramatically. Over-exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and deterioration of items behind glass.

Fade Reduction

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause many coloured or painted materials to fade. Damage due to fading is caused by UV light, visible light, heat (including infra-red light), artificial lighting indoors, humidity but the first three account for 90% of fading. Ultraviolet, visible light and heat all pass through ordinary glass and can cause damage to goods in the home, office, shop window, or museum.

Our fade protection window films are specially designed to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV and reject infra-red heat but still leave a pleasantly lit living or display environment. Whilst no film can completely eliminate the effects of fading due to the solar spectrum, over 80% of UV, infrared, and visible light can be rejected with vast range of fade protection films.

The range includes films which are ultra clear (once installed, the film is virtually undetectable), tinted, or reflective to offer a choice of fade protection performance and visual characteristics.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film is a window film that has been designed for protecting glass and other surfaces against accidental or deliberate damage. It can be used to protect smooth surfaces from damage, as long as the surface and material allow good installation. For example glass or marble can be treated but porous surfaces like brick cannot.

Glass can be expensive to replace when they are damaged by deliberate and accidental attack. The use of Anti graffiti can reduce the need for replacement

Where can it be used?

  • Telephone boxes
  • Bus stops
  • Glass areas in high traffic situations
  • Retail display areas
  • Bus and train windows

Anywhere where an invisible barrier is required to prevent damage or vandalism to any smooth surface area.

Privacy / Decorative

Prying eyes can offend by invading your privacy. Our range of privacy films allow glazed areas or glass panels to be transformed into translucent or opaque surfaces or even if necessary, totally obscured. They offer a cost-effective alternative to the need to completely replace existing glazing materials.

We offer a wide range of coloured solid and translucent vinyls. These translucent films are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Ideal for back-lit effects on office and shop fronts and create a striking backdrop in reception areas, an effective installation is to apply a graphic to the glazing first then to overlay a translucent vinyl. The solid film range works well on areas that need to be private or screened while enhancing the applied area. All of our window films are installed by our own fitters.

Many unremarkable modern buildings can be transformed into striking examples of attractive architecture with the application of a tinted or reflective decorative window film. Installation is quick and efficient from the inside, and causes minimum disruption. Indeed. We have completed several projects with the installation teams working only at night or outside normal office hours.


Under certain lighting conditions, large areas of transparent glazing used to sub-divide a building may not be visible, and manifestation may be necessary to prevent collisions.

If the presence of such glazing is not indicated by mullions, transoms, door frames, door handles, stall risers or other components, it must be made apparent by some form of manifestation.

The Australian Building Codes state that in public places the following guidelines apply:-

“Mandatory use of manifestations, or marking of glass, between 700 and 1200mm above the floor with an opaque band, 20mm minimum in height. This is required where a glass pane could be mistaken for a doorway or opening. A broken line or patterns such as company logos may be acceptable forms of marking provided it meets the other criteria set. The markings are not required where the width of the glass panel is less than or equal to 500mm; the height of the glass panel is less than or equal to 1000mm; the glazing is opaque, patterned or leadlight; the panels are louvre’s with a blade width not greater than 230mm; or the glass panel is provided with at least one fixed glazing bar, not less than 40mm wide, located between 700mm and 1000mm above the floor level.”

Our visual output team provides a dynamic and relatively inexpensive solution to glass identification. In addition to signalling the presence of transparent glass in retail, public and commercial buildings, applied vinyl imaging can transform glazed areas into viable advertising media.

We supply and install services for all types of glazed areas. We provide tones and textures in frosted and dusted crystal vinyl’s which simulate acid etching or sandblasting without the cost or permanence.

The range of colour vinyl’s includes translucents, metallics, opaques, etched or sandblasted effects or Because of the aggressive adhesion, Manifestation Graphics imaging is extremely durable but can be removed for replacement or updating.


Shop windows / Commercial Property / Homes / Schools / Public Buildings / Libraries / Pool Screens / Glass Balconies / Internal Office Partitions / Internal Doors / Boat Windows & Screens / Reception Areas / Privacy Glass.

Our Graphics design team can design, cut and install personalised logo’s and designs to your specification. Call Now to enquire (08) 6201 6061

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