• Why not make use of our special One-Way Vision super Vue film, allowing one way vision through glass!
  • See-through window advertisements, signs, or decorative designs.
  • Maintain your view out and let the daylight in.

Ideal for use internally or externally on buildings, for privacy in office receptions and very popular for vehicle window displays.You can now create new, innovative and eye catching advertising, and signage opportunities
without obstructing your view. It allows your full colour graphics or image to be seen on the outside and still allows viewing through a window from the inside.

The see-through feature is created by a series of small perforated holes with a self-adhesive backing on the reverse of the window film.

We can work from Artwork you supply, or design and print your company message and details to the face of the one way vision film using U.V resistant inks that allow great protection against the sun. It also allows premium placement of advertisements and signs on glass doors at eye level – on buses, and to create moving billboards and designs on building windows, for high-impact advertising.
Prime Signs Creative F.x can also transform the rear window of your car-van, or Ute with a design that truly represents your company and projects a professional image.

1 way Vision, can be used for applications in the security field, thanks to its one-way capability. It can be used for covert surveillance on vehicle windows, at department stores, banks and airports as well as camera “hides”.

Our 1 way Perforated Vision Film significantly reduces heat and glare from the sun, making it ideal for buildings and vehicles.

Super Vue 1 way vision, also legally complies on vehicles to Australian light transmission standards.
See our attached images of recent work we have carried out.

The Benefits:

Cost effective. (That is tax deductable through your business advertising)

Excellent Visual exposure for your business.
A degree of Privacy whilst still maintaining your view.
Designed to suit your personal requirements.
Fully removable when you want to sell the vehicle.

To discuss this product and the possibilities further, or to request a free competitive no obligation quote please contact Prime Signs Creative FX 0n

(08) 6201 6061       or        0450 172 500                        or email us at:  info@prime-signs.com.au

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